Peter White

An Englishman who accentuates his music with genial charm and musical playfulness. The result: Smooth Jazz with a spiritedness which many others in this genre lack. Born in Luton in 1954, White devoted himself to music already as a child. His father encouraged him to learn many instruments – the recorder, the clarinet, cornet, the trombone, violin, mouth organ, the piano – but his father’s instruments were not his – his was the guitar. But here his father could not help him. Therefore he helped himself, experimented with a few simple chords and imitated melodies from the radio. Like many musicians, White was strongly influenced by the Beatles and the guitar-driven Beat sound of the sixties. After his first electric guitar, which he had bought as a teenager, had burnt in a fire, however, he had to make do with an acoustic guitar. He made the best of it: White discovered his love for acoustic music. Shortly after he had left school at 18 he got an engagement in a hotel resort in the South of England, where he played over the summer. After that he travelled to London and joined a band managed by Miles Copeland (manager of Sting, R.E.M.). It was Copeland who arranged the contact between the 20-year-old White and Al Stewart, with whom he toured England and the US shortly after. He worked with Stewart as a pianist at first, and later also as a guitarist, composer and co-producer. In 1979 Stewart moved to Los Angeles, formed the band Shot in the Dark and a record label called Lobster Music. In 1990 he published his first solo album (“Reveillez-Vous”). The album soon became a favourite with Jazz-djs and Jazz-Radio stations. White has published more successful albums and is known throughout the world today.


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